Company to edit instructions, story text elements for mobile games
January 17, 2014

The concepts of "business" and "fun" aren't combined often, but Unified Media is changing that with its expansion into the cell-phone and mobile gaming industry. The company is actively reaching out to mobile gaming developers to offer its services in the crafting of written and textual game content.

The growing reach and popularity of mobile games on cell phones and tablets is readily apparent. However, many mobile games are released with noticeable gaps in character histories, storylines, and other "expository material" that can cultivate user engagement and attachment, which translate into brand loyalty and customer endorsement.

Even more serious, games released in English-speaking markets such as the U.S. may contain content with spelling, grammatical, and diction errors. This occurrence is not entirely unusual: more and more games are being created by developers located outside the U.S., many who may only know English as a second language. Nevertheless, such errors ruin the professional, polished impression developers would almost certainly prefer to present.

The problems are pervasive enough to convince Unified Media to launch a concerted outreach effort to inform mobile gaming developers of how they could benefit from the company’s services. The company plans to expand its initiative to include other mobile app developers later in the year.

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